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The Theoretical concept of the George Jackson University was developed by Dr. Donald Evans Jr. and Abdul Olugbala Shakur in 2000, while Abdul Olugbala Shakur was still in Solitary Confinement. Due to the mass support the George Jackson University (GJU) was receiving at its inception, the forces of Fascism immediately went to work and criminalized the GJU and whoever supported it or became a student of the GJU. This ran off a lot of outside supporters as well as New Afrikan Prisoners. At the start of the GJU we had over 30,000 registered students, not just in Amerikkka, but around the world, New Afrikan/Afrikan Prisoners understood the importance of this opportunity and how imperative it was to support the GJU. 

Brother Abdul Olugbala Shakur was forbidden to communicate with the outside for years as a means to facilitate the demise of our GJU and Dr. Donald Evans was forbidden to communicate with any New Afrikan Revolutionary Prisoners affiliated with the GJU and with the lack of outside support, the GJU lost its momentum. 




Unfortunately, too many of Our People had only paid lip service to the GJU, so it became easy for the Prison Industrial Slave Complex/Government to temporarily neutralize the GJU. The GJU was rapidly reduced to a few Members both inside and outside. All inside Concrete Scholars at both Pelican Bay State Prison and Corcoran State Prison were permanently banned from participating in the GJU, but they all refused to surrender and as a direct result all of their time in Solitary Confinement were extended for Decades. 

But the GJU didn't go away, Komrades on the street refused to give up, we all knew how important the GJU was and still is to our Revolutionary Struggle. Brothas and Sistas such as: Bomani Uhuru Jihad Shakur, Kilaika Baruti Shakur, Rafiki Jemel, Akili Shakur, Freedom Power, Sharifa Abeni Shakur (just to name a few) continued to organize, which also led to the development of our popular Radio Show (George Jackson Radio). 

We are presently rebuilding our GJU, all documents relating to the GJU were confiscated by the Prison Industrial Prison Complex and most of it was destroyed in a mysterious fire of our Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. So we are starting from a scratch, though some People can view our old website from their phone, it has officially expired. If you are interested in supporting and/or being part of the GJU, please contact the below emails and request a copy of our GJU Application Form. 

Application Form:


If you would like to donate towards our Continued CommUNITY work and Initiatives, our cashapp is: 



Board of GJU

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