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Administrative Protocols:

All GJU faculty and registered students will adhere to the following rules and protocols, any violations, will result in the immediate expulsion or probation. The circumstances will determine the particulars. We intend to develop and implement additional rules for both Student and Faculty, but the following protocols are very essential to the integrity of the GJU:


No registered student or faculty member will participate in gang activity (As defined by the GJU Disciplinary Body, and not by the Government).


No registered student or faculty member will participate in any activities (As defined by our Judiciary Administrative).


No registered student or faculty can be an informant, Child Molester, Serial Rapist/Killer, Child Abuser, Woman Beater or Pimp).


No registered student or faculty member will drink or smoke marijuana during working hours. 


No registered student or faculty member will engage in the sell or manufactoring of any illicit drugs, including pills, but not necessarily limited to pills. 

Note: We are presently rebuilding the George Jackson University (GJU), we are closing our ranks and putting our GJU back on the right track. I along with Baba Dr. Donald Evans created the GJU back in 2000, within 6 months we had over 30,000 enrolled students from around the world, and this had spooked alot of People. I was restricted from communicating with Baba Evans and anyone affiliated with the GJU, then our primary office was mysteriously burnt down. This had caused the GJU to function in the balance but it's continuous existence can be contributed to three People: Bomani Uhuru Jihad Shakur, Kilaika Shakur and Mwalimu Shakur. Now that we are in a better position to participate, we are taking this opportunity to rebuild. Most of our documents was destroyed in the fire, so we are in the process of rewriting. Butm I wanted to also use this as an opportunity to reach out to all registered student or faculty that the above Protocols are still in order. 

Abdul Olugbala Shakur

GJU Chancellor

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