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Our Primary Objective is five-fold:


TO ERADICATE FUCTIONAL ILLITERACY AMONG NEW AFRIKAN/BLACK PRISONERS: To cultivate the consciousness necessary to transform themselves and their Communities, our students must first be able to read and comprehend what they are reading. Our curriculum will focus on basic literacy and vocabulary building.


TO ERADICATE CULTURAL IGNORANCE AMONG NEW AFRIKAN/BLACK PRISONERS: It is Our assessment that a firm grasp of Our History and Culture provides the necessary foundation to overcome the centuries of self-hate and white supremacist orientation provided in Western institutions. If our students understand who they are, where they come from and the truth of how the world we inhabit came into being they will no longer be content to accept the prescribed role of "oppressed man/woman", but instead live up to their true heritage and purpose. 


TO TRANSFORM THE BLACK CRIMINAL MENTALITY INTO A NEW AFRIKAN MENTALITY: The origin and root of Our National Oppression is not so much the structure of capitalist society as it is Our irrational response to its contradictions. Engaging in the culture of criminality introduced to Our People on these U.S. shores, is a form of mentacidal orientation with a genocidal intent, in the context of our relationship with the U.S. productive system. Our curriculum introduces an alternative consciousness, one that allows Our students to not only see the contradiction inherent in the criminal mentality, but to abandon it for their New Afrikan Mentality.


TO ASSIST IN THE REBUILDING AND STABILIZATION OF OUR NEW AFRIKAN COMMUNITIES: The consciousness and attitude of Our People is a reflection of their conditions. Once sufficiently educated and developed, Our students in conjunction with our faculty, will implement the Initiatives in Our Communities which will be the foundations for new institutions capable of feeding, clothing, housing, educating and defending our New Afrikan Communities. These new institutions will serve as the basis for rebuilding and stabilizing New Afrikan Communities consistent with our material need for self-sufficiency, self-defense and self-determination. 


TO PREPARE NEW AFRIKAN PRISONERS FOR RELEASE AND REDUCING RECIDIVISM AMONG OUR PEOPLE: Our stated aim of transforming the prison systems across the New Afrikan Diaspora into the largest University on Earth has a functional component. GJU students will be instilled with the tools to effectively leave prison with both a purpose and the means to fulfill that purpose in the Community based institutions we create. New Afrikan Prisoners will be armed with the tools to get out, stay out and influence the very culture in their Communities where the school to poverty to prison pipeline currently flowing is closed off at its source (Our Communities), and recidivism is effectively diminished. 

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