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Correlation Between A.I.M. & George Jackson

Komrade George foresaw the need for the AIM some 50 years ago in his dissertation, “On Withdrawal”. By drawing the correlations between his analysis, the current socio-economic and political state of the U.S. and the purpose of the AIM, it is my hope to clarify the AIM’s potential and why it is so vital to the cause of New Afrikan National Liberation Revolution and to all of humanity.


The U.S. is the most advanced fascist state in the history of human civilization. In 2021 it has succeeded in convincing New Afrikans in Amerika – descendants of over 4 centuries of chattel slavery- to actively participate in their own oppression, social containment and extermination. It has indoctrinated the vast majority of its workers to identify its social, political and economic interests with the same elites who have so thoroughly exploited them, that they’ve managed to concentrate 99% of the nation’s wealth into the hands of a scant 2% of the population, while they struggle to feed their children and pay off their ever-expanding debt. It has stridden the world stage declaring itself the bastion of freedom, justice and equality while preserving the most lethal racism, overt injustice and glaring inequality as the very FUNCTION of its every institution.


Reactionary nationalism, hate based scapegoating and violent repression are redefined and hailed as the noble values of patriotism, defense of the homeland and ‘national security’.


In contrast, pursuit of genuine Freedom, Justice and Equality is recast as dangerous anti-Americanism, potential-terrorist militancy and threats of usurpation.


The nature and structure of modern U.S. society precludes the – very possibility of true Freedom for New Afrikans and other nation ally oppressed People. We live without justice because the very function of U.S. “Law & Order’’ policy is NOT to achieve that end, but instead to ensure the social containment and orderly disposal of racially undesirable and economically underperforming surplus labor segments of the underclass.


Equality is NOT POSSIBLE because the very function of the U.S. economic class & race caste systems is to ensure the hierarchy and hegemony of patriarchal authoritarian white male privilege and the ongoing extraction of super profits for the Capitalist class.


The primary mechanism employed by U.S. fascist institutions to perpetuate themselves, with little to no opposition (and neutralize any opposition if it does arise), is REFORM.


In his groundbreaking analysis, “On Withdrawal”, the Honorable Komrade George L. Jackson observed:


“Corporative ideals have reached their logical conclusion in the U.S.. The new corporate state has fought its way through crisis after crisis and established it’s ruling elites in every important institution, formed its partnership with labor through its elites, erected the most massive network of protective agencies replete with spies, technical and animal, to be found in any police state in the world. The violence of the ruling class in this country in the long process of its trend towards authoritarianism and its last and highest state, fascism, can not be rivaled in its excesses by any other nation on Earth today or in history… Fascism has temporarily succeeded under the guise of reform.”


When we speak of fascism most will envision Italy under Mussolini, Spain under Franco or Germany under Hitler, and declare this is fascism. They will look to these primitive models of the system, then look at Amerika and say they can’t possibly be living in a fascist state. To them I say the U.S. has more of its citizens interned in prisons, more people locked behind walls, barbed wire and gun towers than ANY OTHER NATION ON EARTH. The U.S. has more People in prison than China, Russia, North Korea and Iran COMBINED. Fascism in the U.S. is lightyears more advanced than anything Hitler or any of these primitive fascists could have begun to imagine.

Fascism, like any other ideology- is a LIVING thing, constantly growing, evolving and disguising itself. This process of growth, evolution and disguise is known as REFORM. Across the U.S. many who claim to be the rebels and progressives of the day are actually clamoring for reform.


Be it economic reform, police reform, election reform or – educational reform- it is simply a reformation of the same oppres sive relationships the People are screaming to be free of.


The unfortunate reality is so many of Our People have been conditioned against collective work and responsibility, against New Afrikan National identity, against Unity and against rational resistance that they will accept- even fight for- reform (thus effectively neutralizing any Revolutionary potential) rather than oppose the fascist arrangement itself.


So then, what must we do? What steps must be taken if we are to ever realize genuine Freedom, Justice and Equality for Our People? If the very nature and structure of U.S. institutions is to ensure these principles are forever out of Our reach, then any social act we take which moves us closer to realizing them, by definition, must be Revolutionary. It will change social conditions, and as such, change the People and the world we live in.


Komrade George observed:


Fascism has temporarily succeeded under the guise of reform. “The only way we can destroy it is to refuse to compromise with the enemy state and it’s ruling class. Today we are forced with…the complexities of a particularly refined fascist economic arrangement, where the controlling elites have co-opted large portions of the lowly working class.


When we ask ourselves: Where will we attack the enemy state. We are answered: At the productive point. The next logical question is with whom and what will we attack the fortified entrance of the productive and distributive system in a nation of short sighted, contented conservative workers? Obviously, the fascist movement is counter revolution at its very center…From its inception the fascist arrangement has attempted to create the illusion of a mass society in which the traditional capitalist ruling class would continue to play its leading role…After its successful establishment in Spain, Portugal, Greece, South Africa and the United States of America, we are faced with the obvious question of “how to raise a new consciousness.


We are faced with the task of raising a positive mobilization of Revolutionary consciousness in a mass that has “gone through” a contrapositive authoritarian process.”


I researched, devised and designed the AIM and its Initiatives while I was in solitary confinement. As I write this, I am in prison now.


Prison provides a unique perspective on social life and the mechanisms of civilization. Within this socially hostile microcosm lies an even more repressive, more extremely brutal environment: the indefinite solitary confinement unit, or SHU. It is, in effect, prison within prison, the most repressive environment in the U.S. fascist arrangement. From this unique socio-political perspective all of Amerikas’ contradictions are laid bare, from this point of view the fascist arrangement is as clear as a pane of glass.


Dialectically, the rational response to it is equally clear: RESISTANCE.


It was from this meager view point that the Autonomous Infrastructure Mission was devised. The intention and motive force of the AIM was not simply to detach from the daily exploitation of the U.S. capitalist arrangement or provide a mere Community alternative to its processes. No. The purpose of the AIM is multifaceted, with one of its core functions to transform the minds of the People themselves.


The People (by and large) have been conditioned to compete, not cooperate; to revere hyper-individualism while looking skeptically upon collective work and responsibility; to be dependent on the same institutions responsible for their oppression instead of depending on one another.


But what if we could provide them with the blueprint to expose the fallacy of this socially engineered lie? What if we could develop a framework where we could demonstrate through social practice that Unity will serve Our interests more effectively than division, that a new and more prosperous way of social life could – be had RIGHT NOW, if only we withdrew from the fascist arrangement by building Our own Autonomous Infrastructure.


If we make a dialectical materialist analysis of the primary “productiveness point” in the U.S. fascist arrangement we find it is the workers, the People themselves, who are that “productive point.” We can not hope to convince the People to abandon the chains they have become comfortable with, without also providing them with a liberation that still meets their basic needs. This is one of the principle functions of the AIM.


Now before I go any further, I want us to proceed with clarity as to the point of the U.S. being the most advanced and successful fascist state in human history. What makes U.S. fascism the most advanced is the systematic defense/attack mechanisms built into its every institution, and its uncanny ability to disguise and redefine itself. Nevertheless, there are certain defining characteristics common to all fascist regimes be they Germany under Hitler, Indonesia under Suharto, Chile under Pinochet or the U.S. under Trump. Here I will present fourteen of these characteristics with an example or two to illustrate its inherent inclusion in the Amerikan way of life.




From the compulsory recitation of the pledge of allegiance in every U.S. public school to the “Make America Great Again” fervor of the white Nationalist Republican Party, powerful and reactionary nationalism has always been a hallmark of U.S. culture, and it only continues to grow stronger year over year with both the conservative right and liberal centrists alike.




Dehumanization of New Afrikans, Latinos, Indigenous and the poor is Amerikan as “Apple Pie.” From the genocide of Native Americans to the system of chattel slavery; from the brutality of Jim Crow apartheid to the rampant murder of unarmed New Afrikans by police; from the brutalization of prisoners of war at Abu Gharaib, Guantanamo Bay and CIA black sites around the world to presiding over the largest domestic torture program in human history in Solitary Confinement Supermax prisons across the U.S., disdain for human rights-and masking it under some other pretext- has always been U.S. National policy.


To be sure, the U.S. remains one of the only industrialized nations who has NOT signed on to the U.N. Rights of the Child Treaty, presumably because of the Amerikan penchant to imprison children. Human rights are always secondary to National interests in Amerika.




Be it the resistance of Indigenous People as a justification for wars of extermination, the fear of New Afrikan empowerment as a justification for COINTELPRO, the “War on Drugs” and Mass Incarceration, or the current scapegoating of immigrants, anti-fascists and Black protest movements as the source of all the Nations woes, the U.S. has ALWAYS used this racist, xenophobic and anti-poor narrative to whip masses of reactionaries into a patriotic frenzy to attack or socially contain perceived “common threats.”




No matter the economic crisis, how dire and widespread inequality and domestic suffering may be, a disproportionate amount of the social product will always be funneled to maintaining the Military Industrial Complex, and to ensure military service is revered and rewarded in every realm of social life, no matter the atrocities these forces may have committed in the nations name. This has always been the ‘American Way’.




Amerika is a patriarchal authoritarian hegemony of white male privilege. Be it overt inequality of pay in the private sector, rampant rape and sexual harassment in the military or pervasive domestic violence across every strata of U.S. society, sexism has always been a central pillar of the U.S. race-class system. Under U.S. fascism gender repression is embedded into the very notion of “Conservative Family Values”, while publicly superficial “reforms” are highlighted to disguise it’s perpetuation.




Because U.S. fascism is a Corporatocracy, “state controlled media” is more accurately termed “ruling class controlled media”.


This form of control ensures the media moves the states agenda ever forward (which IS the ruling classes agenda) via government regulation, censorship of opposing or alternative social perspectives and/or media executives and personalities sympathetic to law enforcement, state and business interests.



From the forcing of Indigenous Nations onto reservations to the Fugitive Slave Act; from the Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) to Japanese internment camps; from the U.S. Patriot Act to the Domestic Surveillance State that monitors every move you take and every call you make, the U.S. has perfected the art of stoking the People’s worst fears to claim ever greater powers over the People’s lives and choices all in the name of National Security.




Christianity and American Politics are so thoroughly intertwined that politicians of both major fascist Parties (Democrats and Republicans) must of necessity pander to one or another of the Christian constituencies, be it the Evangelical Christians, Christian Identity Fundamentalists or Southern Baptist Caucus. Religious rhetoric is routinely used to manipulate and influence large swathes of the national population in spite of the same regimes, policies and activities running contrary to the stated Christian ideals.




The United States is first and foremost a predatory capitalist/ imperialist regime, its every dinstitution beholden to the business and corporate interests the state exists to protect. As Komrade George observed, “The most precise definitions of fascism involve the concept of “scientific capitalism” or “controlled capitalism”…” To be sure, the U.S. may be one of the only nations on Earth where corporations are, for purposes of law and social influence, considered ‘People’ (see, In Re Citizens United). In such an arrangement is there any wonder that in instances of extreme economic duress the states first “bailout” responsibility is to the Banks and not the People?




Union busting and co-optation of organized labor has been so thorough in the progression of the U.S. fascist arrangement that genuine Unions are a rarity in this country, and where they do exist such unions are all too often lobbying wings of state Institutions (like the CCPOA) or side with corporate management with the most meager of concessions. The U.S. working class, unfortunately, is among the least Revolutionary segments of Amerikan society.




It is my assessment, even with the dismal example of apartheid South Africa, that no nation in human history has taken the expression of overt racism to the heights and lengths that have been the hallmark of Amerikkka from it’s very inception. From the Slave Codes to Jim Crow Apartheid, from the Eugenicists Movement to the KKK, from the Proud Boys to Donald Trump’s Republican Party – overt racism in EVERY institution in this nation, at the very core of its culture, has always been a pillar of the United States.




The mantra of the U.S. across the globe is it is the nation where “the Rule of Law” reigns. Law Enforcement in the U.$. has virtually limitless power to subordinate the People to the state’s dictates, its inequalities and racist usurpations. The judicial machinery in the U.S. and its culture of imprisonment has resulted in the largest prison population on Earth, the vast majority of which are New Afrikans and Latinos, though combined they barely constitute a quarter of the nation's population. The U.S. is the quintessential Police State.




From obfuscation of Government complicity in the Tuskegee experiments and the U.S. Drug Trade, to the U.S. Counter Intelligence Program and the political cronyism of the Trump regime, the U.S. has always been governed by groups, friends and associates who appoint one another, (or pardon one another) to maintain power and authority while escaping culpability or punishment for crimes against the People.


The very notion of “political appointees’’ and ambassadorships is a formal structure of cronyism built into the very structure of Amerikan politics. Be it the Nixon White House, backroom handshaking of the Clinton administration or orgy of crony corruption that defined the Trump regime- rampant cronyism and corruption is U.S. policy.




Democracy in the U.S. has ALWAYS been an exercise in fraud- not for the reasons it impacts many other fascist states (i.e., ballot stuffing, assassination of opposition candidates, etc.), instead electoral fraud is achieved through suppressing voter access, legislation to control voter access of specific populations or voting methods, jerrymandering of voting districts and media manipulation. From the poll taxes and literacy tests to the current wave of voter suppression laws sweeping across Republican ran states, fraudulent elections have ALWAYS been a part of Amerikan democracy.


To truly understand why Withdrawal from the U.S. fascist arrangement is so vital to genuine New Afrikan Revolutionary social change, and the A.I.M.’s integral role in that process, we must all come to understand that fascism is not something that is imposed on the People, but a mass psychology supported by the People. Before social forces ever manifest themselves externally, the contradiction arises and is played out internally.


Komrade George observed, In Blacks, the authoritarian traits are mainly the effects of “terrorism and lack of intellectual stimulation. The communal experience will redeem them. At present, the Black worker is simply choosing the less dangerous and complicated strategy of survival. All classes and all People are subject to the authoritarian syndrome. It is an atavistic throwback to the herd instinct. But it requires only the proper trauma, the proper eco-sociological set of circumstantial pressure to bring forth a Revolutionary consciousness.”


In order to positively influence an objectively negative social trend you must introduce its OPPOSITE. The principles of unitary conduct, collective work & responsibility, self determination and functional autonomy reflected in both the developmental processes and functional application of the AIM eradicates the influence of the fascist mass-psychology in the minds of the People. They are forced to confront and overcome it.


The People’s attitudes are reflective of their conditions.


Psychologically and socially speaking, they are impacted just as deeply by the socio-economic and political processes which are responsible for those conditions. By not only altering the People’s daily lives for the better, but also ensuring they carry it out with their own hands, that the People themselves become their own Liberators, their attitudes will come to reflect the New Afrikan Revolutionary positive objective of shining the light of Freedom, Justice and Equality over the face of all, a light they themselves are shining. This is an internal process who’s external manifestation has but one logical conclusion: Revolutionary social change.


But why is the A.I.M. So integral to this process?


Komrade George noted,


“The new vanguard elements seem to agree that withdrawal from the enemy state and its social, political and economic life is the first step towards its (fascism’s) destruction. The new vanguard elements seem to agree that the new Revolutionary consciousness will develop in the struggles of withdrawal… They are the obvious answer to all the theoretical and practical questions and problems about an American Revolution – a Revolution that will be carried out principally by Blacks…It will involve building a political, social and economic infrastructure, capable of filling the vacuum that has been left by the establishment ruling class and pushing the occupying forces of the enemy culture from our midst.


The implementation of this new social, political and economic program will feed and comfort all the People on at least a subsistence level, and force the ‘owners’ of the enemy bourgeois culture either to tie their whole fortunes to the commune and the People, or to leave the land, the tools and the market behind…”


The purpose of the Autonomous Infrastructure Mission is: to forge our own food systems and proto-agricultural institutions through the Sustainable Agricultural Commune (SAC);

to build our – own jobs and businesses through the Closed-Circuit Economic Initiative (CCEI);

to build our own science, engineering, medical and technological infrastructure through the New Afrikan Math & Science Centers Initiative;

to educate, train and economically empower our youth to serve, protect and be active participants in the success of our communities through the Youth-Community Action Program (Y-CAP);

to develop a network in our communities capable of affirmatively responding to save lives and resources in the event of a natural disaster or civil unrest through the Emergency Response Network (ERN);

to ensure the safety and security of our women, children and elders at those sites in Our Communities that they most frequently go to in their daily processes of social life through the Community Safe-Zones Initiative, and finally,

to ensure Our Communities have the necessary training, resources and orientation to defend themselves, their Institutions and Community from ANY threat through the Secure Communities Mandate (SCM) – all without reliance on ANY aspect of the fascist state.

The A.I.M. is just what it asserts itself to be:




An infrastructure which not only provides a viable alternative to the fascist arrangement, but is in fact a functional program of transfer-culture, deliberately and systematically decoupling and withdrawing from the U.S. capitalist state to forge a new and more sustainable basis for social life guarded by its most Revolutionary segment of the population: the New Afrikan in Amerika.


As Komrade George observed:


“The Commune. The central city wide Revolutionary culture. But who will build the Commune that will guide the People into a significant challenge to property rights? Carving out a commune in the central city will involve claiming certain rights as our own- out front. Rights that have not been respected to now. Property rights. It will involve building a political, social and economic infrastructure capable of filling the vacuum that has been left by the establishment ruling class and pushing the occupying forces of the enemy culture from our midst.”


This can not be stated enough. When the inevitable fascist reaction to this withdrawal finds these institutions under attack once again, unlike in the past, we will have a base from which to operate and resist- one capable of meeting Our basic needs and providing the corresponding social and political action to further expose and isolate the fascist forces to and from the People.


These struggles to grow and defend our Autonomous Infrastructure will of necessity create new Men and Women, more progressive modes of thought and behavior which are not only life-affirming, but in active opposition to those forces which are destructive to life. Resistance to repression will not be reactive, but systematic and inherent in the very processes of daily life.


As the AIM grows, the fascist arrangement will weaken in direct proportion. Remember, the primary productive point of the capitalist system is the People themselves. Like a machine reliant on a specific electrical current to operate, as that current is diverted to power another machine, its function will be increasingly compromised until it ceases to function at all.


As more and more Communities withdraw from the fascist arrangement via the AIM, the less functional it will become. This will of course mean an evolution in the contradiction, but that is a discussion for another time. However, make no mistake, organized self-defense is as necessary to our Autonomous Infrastructure as is food.


In the final analysis, the AIM is the modern evolution of the Black Commune model envisioned by Komrade George’s analysis “On Withdrawal” and is as essential today to Our quest for a better life, as it was in 1970.


As Komrade George observed:


“Without the collective sense of Community, without its movement institutions (our survival projects that will now grow into infrastructure), we simply never will be an effective force.”


Think on these things. They are cause for great meditation.

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